Pokemon Sonia Anime Review with Sexiest Pics

Pokemon Sonia Anime Review with Sexiest Pics

Sonia is a character that was presented in Generation VIII. She is the granddaughter and aide of Professor Magnolia, yet later has her spot as the Galar area’s teacher. She is additionally Leon’s cherished companion and opponent.


Sonia is a slim young lady with light complexion, ginger hair in a huge braid, and turquoise eyes. She wears a tan-shaded raincoat with four fastens, a greenish blue shirt, and light blue thin pants. For adornments, she wears an enormous dark wristband and contraption on her correct hand, orange shades, a dark satchel with a white heart, and four white heart-molded hair enrichments. On her feet, she dons dark and turquoise high-obeyed boots with white hearts. She additionally wears turquoise nail clean.

Subsequent to successing her grandma’s place as an educator, Sonia wears a white sterile garment that she gets from her grandma. She keeps the coat open, which uncovers that her shirt is really a tank top (consequently flaunting a portion of her paunch accordingly).


Accommodating and learned, Sonia gives viable counsel to help the player character on their excursion. While she’s a major darling and is well disposed, she frequently gets exasperated by Leon’s jokes, particularly his propensity to keep his mind in another place. She likewise isn’t hesitant to express her real thoughts, as shown when she scolds Sordward and Shielbert later on in the game.

Be that as it may, in spite of the fact that she for the most part has a developed outside, Sonia really wouldn’t fret acting whimsically to the individuals who are more youthful than her.


Numerous years prior to the occasions of the games, Sonia used to be a Trainer. She was additionally Leon’s opponent during their Gym Challenge, yet she ultimately exited. This appears to have bit her in the butt, as while Leon at last developed to turn into a world renowned big name, Sonia turned out to be minimal in excess of a celebrated right hand. Since the time at that point, she has been attempting to discover what she is useful for and what she needs to do, yet fruitlessly.

In the actual games, Sonia is initially met in Professor Magnolia’s lab. From the start, Sonia is by all accounts somewhat thorny, as she reproves Leon for his extraordinary demands about superstrong Pokémon and communicates her craving for him to stop. After Leon tells the player character a couple of things about Sonia (he enjoys her accommodating Yamper and the manner in which she cooks), she chides him for inappropriately presenting her, noteworthy that they used to be rivals during their Gym Challenge. At the point when she is finished addressing Leon, Sonia’s amicable side at long last appears on the other side, as she cheerfully acquaints herself with the player character.

Sonia is next met when she returns home to Route 2. She discusses eating, momentarily informing the player character regarding her fixation on making curry. After the episode in the Slumbering Weald, Sonia can be conversed with in her home, where she examines Hop concerning the abnormal, unrecognizable Pokémon that assaulted him. At the point when Hop timidly gives out what little data he has, Sonia wryly praises him. Afterward, in a similar house, Sonia discusses the secretive Pokémon and how it gives her a bizarre uncomfortable inclination.

Subsequent to getting one of three Swords of Juctice and converse with Sonia, she gives 10 Exp. Candy S to the player, celebrating to herself that her hypothesis was correct. In the wake of getting the subsequent one, she gives 10 Exp. Candy M, and in the wake of getting the third one, she gives 10 Exp. Candy L, expressing gratitude toward the player for aiding her. From that point forward, she gets back to Wedgehurst with her Yamper.

Different appearances

After the base game’s post-game story is finished, Sonia seems when the player finds an impression in the western segment of Frostpoint Field. She discloses that she came to Crown Tundra to study a gathering of Legendary Pokémon who incline toward places without any individuals, not knowing the chilly environment of the Crown Tundra. Given the Crown Tundra has next to zero individuals, she has made a hypothesis that the Iron Will Pokémon, the Cavern Pokémon and the Grassland Pokémon are prowling inside the Crown Tundra, and the impressions are confirmations of it. In the event that the player finds

After the Gym Challenge’s service, Sonia can later be found outside once more, where she praises the player character on what they looked like during the procedures. Momentarily getting some information about where Hop is, Sonia at that point chooses to enlighten the player character regarding something that may intrigue them. She discusses an immense structure far toward the north of them, uncovering that it’s an organization claimed by Chairman Rose.

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